PENPals Bi-Monthly Newsletter
57 | May, 2017
Hello PENPals! We Remember our Mothers and Veterans this Month while we wait for May Spring Flowers and Summer!!
Product Evaluations Celebrates 46 years in the Industry!!
PENPals program info:

 May poll is regarding the PENPals program. Help?

 Saving your points for a larger Gift/Giftcard amount gives higher value to points!

 Your Positive or Negative feedback on new products or ideas helps decide their fate!
PENPals Member Info... Verify your profile information for 2017 if you have not already done so. We will probably call you if you don't. This lets us know that you are still at your current foodservice job.

PENPals Member/Operation Spotlight... If you are a Linkedin member, 'Connect' with the PENPals group at:

PENPals Industry News... ServSafe ECertificates are now available! Took the course? Find out what you need to know to print your certificate by using the helpful links on the their website:

PENPals Surveys, Polls & Feedback... 38% of PENPals members answering a recent poll stated that they already purchase or plan to purchase food products for their operation from online retailers such as Amazon, Peapod etc.!

Recent Food and Foodservice Articles...

How to use Contests to boost Morale and Sales!
National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show Information!
PENPals New Foodservice Products News...
Ethnic Flavors Flooding the Food and Beverage Marketplace!

Foodservice Tip:
When breaking down the week's salad bar, freeze items to use in soups or other entrees to reduce food waste and costs!
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