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Food Fundz™ is an exclusive rewards program now offered to College & University PENPals. Food Fundz™ has teamed up with PENPals so that you can redeem your survey points for professional development funds. Use the funds to support your business and professional development needs.
Examples of Professional and Business Development Initiatives:
Registration costs for industry related conferences.
Travel costs to attend professional development opportunities (e.g. car rental, fuel, flight, meals)
Food management, safety training, or other learning materials.
New Kitchen Equipment or Menu Promotions
Special Projects (pre-approval from Food Fundz Customer Service required*)
How to Redeem Your Points for Food Fundz:
Select the Award amount option you would like below. Credits earned are loaded onto a Food Fundz™ MasterCard for your college within 7 days. Funds earned NEVER EXPIRE.


There are no products currently available
Additional benefits of Food Fundz Membership:
  • PENPals joining Food Fundz as new members receive a $25 bonus on your Food Fundz card!
  • Earn 1.5% cash back on purchases from National Food Group
  • Earn 1% cash back on purchases from Cooks Dining Supply
  • The Food Fundz program is free and no purchase is necessary to participate.
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